Institut für Angewandte Physik - Universität Tübingen

Physik der molekularen und biologischen Materie

Prof. Dr. Frank Schreiber (Lehrstuhlinhaber)

Dr. Alexander Gerlach (AG Organische Filme und Grenzflächen)     –     Dr. Alexander Hinderhofer (AG Organische Filme)     –     PD Dr. Fajun Zhang (AG Biophysik)


  • Olga Matsarskaia receives PhD award from the German Physical Society
    (Dissertationspreis der Sektion SKM / kondensierte Materie)
  • Paper on 'Charge carrier transport in self-assembled gold nanoclusters' accepted by Nature Comm.
  • Chengyuan Wang receives 'Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers'
  • Nanocrystals in a lattice in DESY News and attempto online, 30.7.2020
  • Science Highlight article published by Diamond Light Source, 28.5.2020
  • Our group is now associate member of the cluster of excellence 'Machine Learning in Science'