Experimental Techniques in NanoScience and Bio-Physics:

Scattering from surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures


Prof. Dr. Frank Schreiber
Dr. Ivan Zaluzhnyy
Vladimir Starostin

Wednesday 14.15-16.00, N4 (lectures)
Wednesday 16.15-18.00, C9A03 (optional tutorials)
First lecture: 20.10.2021

We will also provide a Live-Video Stream via Zoom .

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Description of the course and table of contents

This course is merged with two other courses:
  1. Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter (PHY-VFATCM) (links to ILIAS and ALMA)
  2. Modern X-ray Scattering (PHY-VFXRAY) (links to ILIAS and ALMA)
Please note that all materials will be posted on this web page. The information about two other courses will not be updated on ILIAS and ALMA.
The tutorials after the lectures will be given, when the material of the lecture suggests so (i.e. not every week).


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