Special Symposium

Real-Time Growth Studies

on the 2007 Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG) in Regensburg, Germany

26 - 30 March 2007

supported by the Thin Film Division and the Surface Science Division of the DPG.
The language of the symposium is English

Invited speakers

  • G. G. Malliaras (Cornell)
  • F. Biscarini (CNR Bologna)
  • I. Ostadal (Charles University, Prague)
  • J. Krug (Cologne)
  • F. Meyer zu Heringdorf (Duisburg/Essen)


  • Theoretical Concepts
  • Growth Dynamics
  • Methods for Real-Time Studies
  • Specific Effects in Real-Time Studies
  • Transient Structures

Conference Program

The symposium 'Real Time Growth studies' has been scheduled for Thursday 29th Mar 2007. A program with abstracts is made available.

Collected Talks